The best CDs of 2013 that I didn’t get around to until 2014, part 3

Hot Nun, Veronica Falls and Fish released wonderful CDs last year that belong on my top albums of the year list.

As noted some time back, there are always CDs I don’t get around to during the year in which they’re released, and with the great ones I accordingly fail to include them in my year-end mentions. I’ve already done a couple of rounds of catch-up/mea culpas, and it’s time now for part 3.

First off, I actually had the Hot Nun disc in hand and just never got to it. Bad Sammy. Hot Nun is the latest project from Jeff Shelton of The Well Wishers, and I have long admired his no-nonsense brand of straight-on, guitar-driven Power Pop. Well, Hot Nun is like that, only moreso.

Apologies for my slackness, and I’ll be adding this to the ever-updating best of 2013 page and playlist.

Jeff also just dropped a new single, which I feckin’ love.

Check Hot Nun out on Spotify here and Bandcamp here.

Up next is Veronica Falls, my new favorite band. Had I discovered this last year it wouldn’t just have been on the best of list, it would have been in the top three or four.

Give Waiting for Something to Happen a listen.

Finally, I’ve always been a big fan of Fish’s deeply thoughtful Art Rock. It took me awhile to get my ears on 2013’s A Feast of Consequences and it doesn’t disappoint.

Happy late TunesDay.

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