Anonymous source says Rice tape was sent to NFL – but can we believe it?

I’m not sure what to make of this latest development. I’m perfectly capable of believing that Roger Goodell saw the infamous video of Ray Rice KOing his then-fiancee Janay – in fact, I may be leaning that way – but that doesn’t mean that I automatically buy any claim that supports the opinion.

In this case:

  • Go in fear of anonymous sources. Anonymity is sometimes necessary and good, but in all cases it makes it impossible to assign credibility.
  • Who the hell records that kind of phone exchange?
  • Finally, a law enforcement official released the tape without authorization because he/she didn’t want the NFL to make a ruling without it? Really? I’m almost certain that’s grounds for immediate termination, and it calls into question the credibility of said alleged officer/official.

Frankly I think Commish should have been fired for the two-game suspension, period. So this is no way in hell  defense of him. But this new piece of evidence smells like week-old tuna.


  • for the record, espn’s lester munson agrees with me. this helps rice. with the indefinite suspension, the nfl violated due process. ray gets paid now. he may never play football again, but he gets paid.

    and so does janay.

    • Not an expert, but how does this violate due process? Goodell has had broad power to act on issues where players damage the league’s image since the last contract, right?

  • ask munson. he’s the lawyer, but unless they can make it stick that rice lied, i think they have to live with original punishment.

    • It’s hard to imagine that Rice’s story, as told to the NFL, accurately reflects what we saw in that video.

      • not as hard to believe as that the nfl believed a bogus rice story when the media was widely reporting the truth.

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