• Frank Balsinger

    Good thing we’re so post-racial that things like this never happen. Oh, wait.


  • Are we still paying attention to those idiots? I thought someone said that “if you ignore them, they’ll go away.” So can we start ignoring the Mother hunkers now? or are we cursed to always have to put up with them? I have never like Fox News. They’re all jackwads. I have detested O’Reilly and Limbaugh from the very first moment I heard a show with either of them on it. Neither one has a damn clue about anything important. and all their pals need to STFU. They have already been told that they are ignorant and unschooled by a member of their Saint” Ronnie’s cabinet. Why can’t they just grow TF up and listen to those who were in the service of their great Saint? Read. Learn. Grow. Become Wise. OH, wait. They throw stones at the wisemen and kill the true saints. (Not literally, but you get my drift). They fear color, creed, and sexual preferrence not realizing that they are just as gay as the gay they are persecuting (it is my experience that there is no one more gay than a homophobe, the only difference between him/her and the one they are persecuting is the fact that the homophobe is in denial. And these idiots prancing around and condemning African Americans? Just a bunch of bitter lazy men and women who would return this country to a darker time and place with their idiocy. The truth about the Tea Party? They are nothing more than a recycled version of the McCarthyists and McCaranists who see an enemy in everyone who is different than they. The problem is, those who go on witch hunts are always worse than the supposed witches they hunt.

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