J-Pop just breaking new gate: Saturday Video Roundup with BabyMetal, Band-Maid and Dir En Grey

It was a big week for Japanese Pop. Turns out SONY has signed Metal/GirlPop fusioneers BabyMetal, with designs on taking over America. And earlier in the week I discovered Band-Maid. It only seemed right that I’d share all this, plus a little bonus, with our readers.

Let’s start here.

Oh my. Then there’s the aforementioned BabyMetal.

Let’s close with a little something from my other favorite Japanese band, Dir En Grey, whom I’ve always thought were sort of their answer to Tool.

Can’t wait for a BabyMetal/Dir En Grey collaboration, let me tell you.

Have a happy Saturday, yo.

One comment

  • My office mate listens to J-pop a lot, but his sounds more like electronica than metal.

    I didn’t care much for the BabyMetal, but the other two were OK.

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