Tomorrow is First Friday: get out and support the arts

According to Wikipedia:

Some cities hold Gallery hops and “art walks,” in which a number of the town’s art galleries or artists’ studios will open their doors into Friday evening.

The idea is that galleries will attract people to the downtown and enrich the art community by pooling their openings together into one monthly evening.

Among the cities with art-oriented First Friday events are: Albany, Anchorage, Augusta, Bellingham, Binghamton, Burlington, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Honolulu, IndianapolisIthaca, Juneau, Kalamazoo, Kansas City, Knoxville, Lincoln, Louisville, Las Vegas, Missoula, Peoria IL, Scranton, Oakland, Olympia, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh,Richmond, Rochester, San Antonio, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Spokane, Tallahassee, Tulsa and Ypsilanti.

Richmond is among the largest First Fridays art walks in the nation, it draws nearly 20,000 people from all over the state of Virginia and nation, showcasing its artistic side and opening restaurants and art galleries all over Broad Street and Downtown Richmond.

Richmond? Really? Hmmm.

In any case, odds are good that tomorrow night there is a celebration of the arts going down near you, and we here at S&R, being the arts-loving fools that we are, strongly encourage you to get out and have a look. If you buy something you like that’s great, and if you don’t, at least say hi to an artist and talk about what they’re doing. We all appreciate sales, of course, but even if your wallet stays in your pocket it’s validating to know that we have at least sparked a moment of reflection.

If you happen to be in my  neighborhood – that would be the greater Denver area – wander down to the big show on Santa Fe, or up to the up-and-coming scene in RiNo, or – and here’s an idea – come see me at the Light Rail Gallery in Olde Town Arvada, the coolest thing that nobody knows about yet. I’ll have some fun stuff on the wall – everything from orchids to trains to horses to space needles – and our good friend Greg Thow of 5280 Lens Mafia (that’s his shot below) will be there, as well, with a range of cityscapes and Colorado panoramage. (Is that a word? I guess it is now.)

Be a part of one of the most important (and enjoyable) things happening in the country today. And have dinner and a beer on your way.

Happy #FirstFriday.

Greg Thow - Aspens

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