Is Greta Van Fleet ripping off Led Zeppelin? Both sides, just stop it.


Some love the neo-Zep sound and others hate it, but both sides are missing the point.

Greta Van Fleet, a young Michigan-based rock band featuring three brothers with a friend on drums, have been ripping the lid off the joint lately. As of this moment the video for “Highway Tune” has well over 20 million views. They’re playing all the big festivals, preparing to mount an ambitious world tour, and readying the release of their first full-length album.

In short, they are a thing.

Give them a quick listen.

If this is your first exposure to GVF, you may be thinking they sound a lot like this band you hear on Classic Rock stations every once in a while.

Yes, indeed, Greta Van Fleet owes a lot to Led Zeppelin, and it has become a point of contention for some. A Google search for [greta van fleet led zeppelin] turns up 474,000 results (and [greta van zeppelin] pulls another 2,400 or so]), so you aren’t the only one who noticed. Continue reading “Is Greta Van Fleet ripping off Led Zeppelin? Both sides, just stop it.”


Did OKC shooting prove “good guy with a gun” theory? On the contrary…

Loui's in OKC

I’m glad no innocent people died. But the incident comes closer to proving the NRA wrong than right.

Two armed citizens kill shooter who opened fire in Oklahoma restaurant

Let’s all be glad no innocent people were killed. Period.

Let’s also attend closely to the facts before the NRA arrives claiming that good guys with guns, or whatever.

Two points need making about this incident.

First, there was no deterrence. For years my pro-NRA friends have assured me that “an armed population is a polite one.” Nobody in their right mind would draw a gun when they know others might be armed. Continue reading “Did OKC shooting prove “good guy with a gun” theory? On the contrary…”

chicken tastes like cardboard

Admit it – you think chicken tastes like cardboard

chicken tastes like cardboard

Say this next time you’re served chicken against your will…

I grew up in the South, where chicken, in its many forms, was a staple of the diet. Fried chicken, of course. Chicken and dumplings. Chicken (kill me now) casserole. Baked chicken. Barbecue chicken. Chicken and waffles. Chicken pot pie. Chicken stew. Chicken noodle soup.

And of course, chicken necks, livers and gizzards.


Of course, it’s not just the South – chicken is a big dish everywhere. According to the USDA, Americans ate nearly 92 pounds of chicken per person in 2016. And worldwide the data indicates we eat 55 million chickens a day.

I have a confession. I don’t really like chicken all that much. Yeah, I play along because it’s allegedly healthier. But the bottom line is that I almost never eat chicken when there’s beef or pork on the menu.

Know why? Because chicken has no goddamned flavor. Continue reading “Admit it – you think chicken tastes like cardboard”