#SNRGTR: Our favorite guitar solos

SNR-GTRStarting tomorrow – fittingly, on TunesDay – S&R will launch SNRGTR, a series spotlighting our favorite guitar work of all time. We were tempted to say “greatest,” but we’ve all read enough online lists from trolls music journalists to know where that leads.

Instead, we have kept it simple, selecting our most cherished axe moments. We’ll tell you what we love and why, we’ll share some audio and video, and even better, we have invited many of our favorite musicians, music writers and superfans to contribute, as well. If you have followed S&R, by now you know how much we dig music and respect the people who make it, and as it turns out we actually know a number of talented performers.

We hope you enjoy it, we ask you to share it, and we look forward to your reactions.

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