Scott Weiland's ex says "don't glorify this tragedy," but …

Is Mary Forsberg Weiland being honest with herself?

And now, for today’s “yes, but” story.

In an open letter, the late Scott Weiland’s ex-wife talks at length about the loss the couple’s children face and she lingers on how hard she worked to save him, even after they split.

I couldn’t agree more with every word she says. Seriously. And I feel for her having to raise two children who will never know what it is to have a healthy dad. My father drank himself to death – literally – and even in the best of times was little more than a guy I knew who’d take me somewhere like the rodeo every once in awhile. And on more occasions than one, to bars. When I was 15. When I was 5.

But. She married Scott in 2000, which was several years after his drug issues started. She had two kids with a guy whose demons were well established. I’m not blaming any victims, I’m not piling on and I don’t want to let Weiland off the hook. But dammit, you knew what you were marrying, didn’t you, Mary?

What happened there? Does that matter at all?

It’s probably mean-spirited and dumb of me to expect anything past what this letter addresses at this point in time, when 15 years of anguish – for herself, for her children, for a brilliant, doomed man she clearly loved – are likely shredding her inside.

But there’s more there, I’m guessing. Lots more. Her comments on the role the industry, the media and fans played in this tragedy (“the last day he could be propped up in front of a microphone for the financial benefit or enjoyment of others”) make clear that she’s a thoughtful and articulate woman. I hope that, a few years down the road, she’ll revisit the relationship. I’d be interested in what she concludes once she gets a little distance from the trauma.

Take care of the kids, Mary, and of yourself. And when you’re ready to write the book, I’m ready to read it.


  • Love, as we know, makes people do odd things. crazy, things, stupid things. That does not make love – or grief for lost love – less powerful or painful. Everyone is, today (12/08), thinking of Yoko. Interesting question – how is Mary Weiland different from Yoko Ono Lennon?

  • Probably not much. Heartbroken widows.

    But to Sammy–my son just got married. The first thing his new wife did, AFTER THE CEREMONY, was put him on the wagon. Not a bad idea. He’s not an alcoholic but he is a very bad drinker. Not often, but doesn’t go well when he does–same story Dustin Johnson tells. So far he’s holding up fine. I hate to think of him teetotalling for life, alcohol is fun, but that may be what works for him. Point is she obviously came into the marriage knowing about it and determined to change it.

    At any rate, the point is everyone of us has married someone saying we love them exactly as they are but deep in a tiny crevasse of our hidden soul resolved to fix this one little thing. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes what we think is a little thing isn’t a little thing at all. I don’t know. Im pretty quick to judge, but not this time..

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