July 4, 1992: Baseball Hall of Fame preview night in Albuquerque

Congratulations to Mike Piazza, who was voted into the MLB HoF today. (Also, Ken Griffey, Jr., one of the best who ever lived.)

It was July 4, 1992. I was touring around out west and found myself in Albuquerque looking for something to do. I thought hey, what’s better than baseball on the 4th, so I made my way to the stadium. The Dukes were playing the Giants AAA team – the Tucson Toros sound right? Sold out. I got them to take me to the GM and told him I was freelance journalist doing a series (which was sort of true) and he opened the inside door and let me through.

The Dukes won that night, 3-2, powered by two homeruns from a young catcher nobody had heard of yet.

You knew right away that kid had a future, and he did. 

I was also in the house the day today’s other nominee, Ken Griffey, Jr., jacked #400. Which was nice.

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