Father of Muslim soldier’s message to DNC is powerful, but laced with manipulation and irony

Remind me – Khizr Khan’s son died in which war, again?

The headline and video couldn’t be much more compelling.

WATCH: Muslim Father Of Fallen Soldier Tells Trump ‘You Have Sacrificed Nothing’

The soldier’s father, Khizr Khan, could not be more right about Donald Trump, a narcissist of the first order, and maybe even a sociopath, who has spent his life serving nothing but his own insatiable, infantile id.

The part of me that insists on rationality and basic critical thinking, though, can’t help attending the facts surrounding the death of this soldier, Capt. Humayun Khan. As the NPR story notes, the younger Khan was killed “while serving in Iraq in 2004.”

That’s right. Capt. Khan died in George Bush’s illegal and unjust war, a war that Trump’s opponent, then-Senator Hillary Clinton, voted to authorize.

So yes, there’s a certain irony in this emotionally turbocharged convention moment. And if you admire big brass grapefruits, you probably can’t help being impressed by the chutzpah it takes to enlist the voice of a man whose son died in a war you helped make happen.

I’m certainly not suggesting that you or anyone else should vote for Trump, who would likely be the biggest disaster in the history of the American presidency (and that’s saying something). Instead, I’m simply encouraging you not to let yourself be overly manipulated by the soaring, manufactured sentimentality of the grand stage, where millions of dollars have been spent discerning the best way of getting you to shut your brain off and let yourself be ruled by those who’d pluck sweetly and cynically at your heartstrings.

If you vote for Ms. Clinton, please do so with your eyes wide open. Politicians, once elected, have this distasteful habit of being what they have always been.



  • Yes, it’s deeply unfortunate to have to choose between a hawk and a mental case. Sometimes you can reason with a hawk.

    I don’t think it matters who helped start the war Khan served and died in. Most of Congress is culpable. He still gave his life for the country, it was a courageous act of self-sacrifice, and it puts the lie to Trump’s false narrative about Muslims, that they only exist for us to fear, hate and exclude.

  • I PERSONALLY feel trump is the only candidate. one not proven and one proven to be a sociopath Hillary. i rally do not think she can tell the difference between a lie anymore. as far as the war i certainly did not want it and i think most of america. the only good thing obama could have done was do what he said he would do and get us out of the wars which he never did. in fact he got us in more conflicts. while i am for health care not at the expense of bankrupting our country which is what obama care will do and hillary will finish the job. i certqainly believe there are more good muslims in the world then good christians. unfortunately everything is on a bell curve. that means there are more bad ones then christians also because of population. the democrats back in the day tried to keep blacks enslaved the only difference now is instead of jim crow laws they want to enslave the whole citizenry. how, by first finding where the guns and and then take them. yes it has all been worked out. dems have a lot of young people that have been brain washed by our learning system, i hate to say it but it is true. they have been taught through out their schooling the evil of guns and unless they had some other influence, they believe that shit. plain and simple you eat an elephant one bite at a time. they are smart enough to know this and have to proceed slowly. when i argued about obama going to take our guns it was true. the people i argued with said show me how he is doing it. it is done by slight of hand. do not let them know your true intentions. we will put soda in all the drinking fountains. as we are headed into the greatest world depression ever seen, guns will be useful to keep the food you have. if you do not have food, well then you will need them to get food. self protection is what it is all about. that even includes protecting yourself from a government gone bad. when the government including hillary makes sure the fat cats make a lot more money and to hell with the citizens, times are not good. we need a change and some not in the good old girls sorority or the boys is a welcome change. perfect no. just a lot better then someone that will break the law to escape criminal charges, like deleting records to protect herself. an known criminal or an unknown. i will try the unknown thank you. you see we all know this is for the second amendment. the right of an individual to own a gun to protect him self. we all know the government cannot do it. prohibition has never worked in the history of the world it only causes more crime and puts money in the worst people in the worlds pockets. we have a great constitution which has worked better then all the government systems in the world including socialism, which takes initiative away from the people. it is no different then communism. just not as radical. why do you think we are a world power, although losing that title slowly as we drift toward socialism and communism. you see i am probably more democratic then republican but i am neither. i believe in freedom, the freedom to choose and both seem to want to take that away and replace it with laws telling everyone what they need to do or they will be punished. if you want an abortion it is your right, after a child is born then the government should take care of him or her. everyone needs to quit trying to take my freedom to choose away. it is my right and i have to live with my mistakes not the government .

  • so i spent a great deal of time responding to your site. i have yet to see my reply posted. are you that political that you will not let a reply happen if it is not in your favor? invisible mike is there. if you are that political i will reply on other places and tell what you did. i will also request you not send me anymore of your crap. you cannot brain wash me. so there is no use. i am too old to change. as i said i am neither party, i am the freedom party, my own party, and boy do we party. if you are allowing them to tell you who can respond then this is not freedom but a dictatorship. the first amendment gone bad. no discourse just yellow journalism.

    • Art, what are you talking about?

      • i did not see my post, it is now up. again trump is the only candidateunless you like criminals that the law will not charge.` a person running for president should not be above the law. i am talking about deleting files and not just a few from her emails before the court system ordered them released. she is not even worth having her clean out toilets Sam. you ovbviously know whaty i am talking about. no one seems to like her and her political machine. if someone breaks the law and resigns, hell she can just hire them to show how much she cares that they would do that for her. it also keeps their mouth shut. evil witch of the north running for president. trump has his problems but a lot of them are small and he is not politically involved like hillary. yes time for a change. i know where hillary is headed, she has told us herself. TO GET RID OF THE GUNS. now maybe you live in a nice neighborhood, i do not. i do not have a lot of money because i gave people a good product at a reasonable price. i did not take money from the poor to give to the rich. robin hood in reverse. before bill was even president they had a scandal about them as boards of directors doing just that. what i am talking about is the worst candidate to ever run for president, except bill. at least trump is mostly honest and says what he feels. that is a good start. he cannot do any worse then most of the previous presidents. certainly hillary will destroy our country starting with the second amendment and her appointing supreme court judges. if she gets in i am old, they can come and take my guns first, i do not mind being a martyr. at least i would have stood for something and that is not politics as usual. there needs to be change and maybe shaking up the boat is the only way. you dems seem to be really worried. trump is not evewn liked by the repubs. that is a good start and tells me he is not a good old boy yet. give them time and maybe they can turn him around though, i hope not!! freedom to make my own decisions not uncle sam. both partied want to control everyone. if you do not want a gun don’t buy one. leave the rest alone. freedom to do any drug i so choose, not what they will let me have. that alone has caused most of the crime. when are we going to learn, certainly it does not look like it will happen in my life time. just rambling Sam. i know it does not make in sense to you, and probably anyone else. who knows maybe someone will understand and help start the change so desperately needed in the country. no proof reading, i am kind of busy but this is the most important election i have ever seen. the media is left at least the big ones but we do have the internet now to battle the tyrants. our kids are brain washed in school to be little boxes line up in a row. true progress comes from individuality not conformity. we need change not same old same old. that is what i am rambling about. sorry i am not a writer, my education was first in the sciences and then business. english is my worst subject but logic is my best. i am more then happy to argue with the best Sam. if i know what i am talking about not just someone saying i do not. that is really not an argument. there must be some semblance of an argument you can attack not just say nothing i say makes sense.

      • If you hate Hillary, join the club. If you like Trump, I’m sorry, but you’re utterly insane.

        Trump has been the same guy his whole life – as the post says, a self-serving sociopathic narcissist who takes care of nobody but himself. There is zero reason to expect that to change. If you believe he will be your champion and usher in “the change so desperately needed in the country,” then let’s do chat again a couple years into his reign. I’m going to be very interested in your assessment of your judgment as of July 2016.

        Bottom line: we know what Clinton is, and we know what Trump is. Only an idiot expects that election would change either of them. And as much as I understand the reality of Clinton, I’m able to understand the difference between getting shot in the balls and having a bomb shoved up your ass.

      • a reply to you Sam. nothing could be worse then hillary, he might make mistakes but changing the constitution is not one of them. everyone is self serving and if you are not youy are insane. you can not serve anyone until your self. now it is all about degrees and hillary has taken it to a new level. counting for inflation my bet is she and bill have used politics to help folks get what they need through the channels. my bet is they have made more money accounting for inflation then any other politician ever. if anyone will destroy our country it wioll be her and bill. the cigar sucking creap. politics as usual. not good , regan did not destroy this country and someone familar with business might help. since obama took office the debt went from 8 trillion to 19 trillion. it is going much higher with obama care. hillary will conmtinue this trend hiding the costs and making you feel good as the coountry explodes under the debt. how many people do you know that can live on credit forever. the US is no different. we are on the road to help, look at argentina greece france europe japanas a whole china, the list goes on. a world great depression. their actions should have caused massive inflation but in stead the deflationary forces have stopped that in most of the countries, not all. this QE lnad other spending pollices have only prolonged this recession and made the adjustment much much worse. yes we will see how you feel when this crap hits the fan Sam. a world wide depression caused by the insane actions of the world banks. how much more money will the federal reserve be able to print before massive inflation takes hold. we will see. while i am not against health insurance, doing it on credit is insane also. yes we have screwed the economy and left her for death. and all of you seem to think it is business as usual. when it happens, it will be like a hurricane, when you try and get something from the store it will be empty. money will be no good. there will be roving gangs of people looking for food, sounds crazy but it happen during hurricanes and that was minor. yes we will see how you feel and me. i will gladly be wrong because what i see is horrible. i have been wrong and will be again. i hope to hell i am wrong because everything will be better but what if i am right!! this will be the greatest depression the worlds has ever seen. the difference is back during the great depression people did stuff for them self, now a days no one does anything but pay someone to do it. they will be lost, hungry broke and at the mercy of roving gangs which have no mercy. i would rather die fighting then turn the other cheek. turning the other cheek is just a kin to being dead already. OK in a couple of years you email me and tell me how wrong i was, as i said i would rather be wrong. why have the countries continued QE, we have had years to see it does not work, japan since the 90’s. we keep doing stuff we know does not work. that makes sense. yes we will see and then you can blamle the governemtn or tell me how crazy i was. i won’t mind. i want to be wrong. hillary is a step in that direction. and a great plus will be, she will have killed more honest citizens through her anti gun policies then are killed now and the population will be less safe not more. taking guns from the citizens leaves them at the mercy of the criminals. they do not follow the laws.

  • This is a terrible injustice to Hillary. You put her down and then make an accusational (I just made up that word) forecast that she will be what she’s always been as if that’s a bad thing. I happen to think that’s a good thing. You give no specifics at all, just throw mud into the fog. How is Hillary bad? What has she done that’s so bad? It seems to me she served honorably in the Senate and as Secretary of State. I may not agree with all of her actions (but I don’t know them nor am I privy to the reasons for them) but looking at her record I’d say that her heart is in the right place and she will be one of the best presidents ever.

    • Lowell, you’re captive to ideology or something. You certainly haven’t bothered paying attention to the facts. However, if you do actually care about the record, start here for an overview: https://scholarsandrogues.com/2016/03/27/pot-kettle-black-hillary-supporters-accuse-bernie-backers-of-privilege/

    • ther are plenty the latest being a get out of jail free card from the FBI. illegally deleting files. why would you do that if you are innocent?? there are many more and i am sure i do not know them all. she and bill are evil. and if not for their political knowlege would have a criminal record longer then your arm. i am sure their billion dollar trust fund was worked very hard for, not. they have been bought to do biding by even our enemies. why should we take guns from the 95% of the population because crazies and criminals use them. do you really think they will turn in their guns, please! they will put the innocent civilians in harms way, that is all! prohibition on anything has never worked in the history of the world. we are suppose to learn from history, but we keep making the same mistakes. the war on drugs just an excuse to take more freedom. no knock search warrants, take money from people, our governmnet and make them prove it is theirs, guilty until proven innocent, cause crime by making a prohibition and taking more freedom. most just feel well that is the way it is, wake up, try something that will work. not something that has proven it does not work forever.

  • Dr. Denny Wilkins

    Four decades of studying politicians have taught me Sam’s on target. Past behavior is a damn good predictor of future performance.

    • that is why i do not want her as president. it is funny all most everyone thinks the candidates suck, and we do not even have a record for trump. you all will defend the criminal hillary break the laws they are for subjects, give to the rich that got there taking from the poor. time does not make some of us forget. she is just a criminal protected by politics. a lot of us know it and race gets closer. i am sure the cartel is supplying money to her campaign, criminals want to get rid of the guns. it makes their job easier! i am going on history and what she says. of course if her lips are moving she is not telling the truth. i have gotten use to it from politicians, but i do not like it. we do not need a good old girl in office we need someone out of the political system are not subject to the laws we are leaders crap. what is wrong with taking guns from the people that need them most, hell i am not going to give you the answer unless you ask. crime will skyrocket, then what freedom will you take?? you have no idea about how many to times a gun is used for good because few report it, it is not in their interest to do so. they want to get rid of guns which is impossible and in our country very, very impossible. obama sells guns to criminals to further the anti gun cause and we put up with it. of course holder took the fall and obama will not have that on his record. that little antic has killed americans, good americans, and into the thousands in mexico. their excuse is they were going to follow the guns to the heads of the cartel. shit they already know the heads. they have so much money they have houses full of it. do you really believe that explanation? the heads of the cartel will have assault, true assault weapons. automatics which they cannot get here they are coming from soouth america by way of china and europe. all the places with strict gun control. don’t you get it or are you for the criminals? MEXICO HAS STRICT GUN CONTROL. that is what prohibition does for you. it is obvious you are anti gun. that is your right, please allow us that would like a gun to be able to get one. why?? IT IS OUR RIGHT! it is an unalienable right a right not give a r4ight that cannot be taken away. a right that was acknowledged by the Magna Charta. when the pee ons. were not allowed swords. do not say well not military arms. all weapons came from the military, you just want to give us the old inefficient ones so you can control us better. there weer no standing armies when the constitution was written. so what does the militia really stand for. get an old dictionary and it will be right there. all the able bodied men in the community, also women now. they put it in there not because they were giving us that right. you cannot give an unalienable right, you cannot take it away. they were insuring we would not have some criminal take that right away. no matter what they do they can’t, they could start another civil war, but i beleive it will not be as easy as criminal hillary wants to do.

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