It's official: Tom Brady just isn't that good a quarterback

No, Pats fans, Tom Terrific doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Not unless he’s sweeping up.

tom-brady-deflate-gate-memes-2For years we Denver Broncos fans, who feel like former superstar running back Terrell Davis belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame, have heard a variety of arguments against his candidacy. One that has always struck me goes like this.

Yes, Davis gained a lot of yards and was key to Denver’s two Super Bowl wins. BUT, after he retired the team generated the same kinds of results with a variety of nobody backs. In the several years post-TD the team was led in rushing by the likes of Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson and Rueben Droughns, who posted four 1,000 yard season between them. Add to this two 1,500-yard campaigns (these were two of his three best years) by Clinton Portis, and, the argument goes, yo momma could have gone for 1,000 in that system.

That’s the key word: system. It wasn’t Davis, it was Mike Shanahan’s system.

Which brings us to Tom Brady, who’s near the end of a four-game vacation incurred for cheating in the playoffs a couple years back. We already had some suspicion that Brady might be the beneficiary of a system, of course. In 2008 he sustained a season-ending injury and his replacement, Matt Cassel, stepped in, threw for nearly 3,700 yards and an 11-5 record. Cassel has spent most of the remainder of his NFL career in witness protection.

Now, in Brady’s absence this year, we have seen Jimmy Garoppolo look utterly world-class in his two starts. Then he got hurt and the team turns to somebody named “Jacoby Brissett,” who evidently had a couple decent seasons at NCAA powerhouse NC State, and he led the Patriots to a 27-0 thrashing of Houston (which has a pretty highly regarded defense).

The main question is whether we should induct Garoppolo and Brissett into the Hall of Fame right now or wait until the bye week.

BelicheatiesIf it wasn’t before, it ought to be painfully evident now: Tom Brady is nothing special. The genius there is Bill Belichick, who can evidently pull a bus driver out of the stands and win with him at QB. Yes, Belicheat is as corrupt as the night is long and it’s only a matter of time before the Feds open a RICO investigation of the Kraft Crime Family. But just because you have to be watched like a cornered rat doesn’t mean you aren’t good at what you do, and there is no argument that Belichick is among the smartest coaches in history.

All these years we’ve endured Pats fans (who didn’t realize they had a football team before 2001) making a fuss about how Brady is greatest quarterback evah. In truth, there’s a reason he wasn’t drafted before the sixth round. Had he wound up with, say, the Jets, he’d probably have had a nice little run as a career backup.

In other words, he’d be Brian Hoyer.

So simmer down, Pats fans. Tom Brady is nothing more than a pretty good system QB. If not for Bill Belichick, the only way he gets into the Hall of Fame is if he buys a ticket.


  • alllen bailey

    Tom Brady is indeed one on the finest quarterbacks of all time. He could play in any system and he was a great qb at Michigan as evidenced by his epic orange bowl performance in 2000.

    Matt Cassell in 2008 had a decent year and led the pats to 11-5 but they usually lost to the good teams and as a result missed the playoffs entirely. Not exactly great without Brady huh? Matt Cassell had a pro bowl season in 2010 for the Chiefs too so he didn’t enter the witness protection program, he merely kept playing his game.

    Jimmy Garoppolo, according to analytics website pro football focus had a below average game against the Arizona and then a terrific half against Miami, so he was’t consistent. According to pro football focus Jacoby Brissett took over the second half against Miami and was good but then in the game against Houston he graded out poorly. Again, no consistency and the attack didn’t look anything like the Brady version.

    Belichick is a great coach and will find other ways for his team to win on defense and special teams. He builds depth into his roster to withstand these star absences. Belichick actually made mention of the Colts floundering to a miserable season without Peyton Manning and said that he would never build a team that dependent on one player. None of this means Manning was better than Brady, just that the Patriots were assembled in a much smarter manner. Using a player’s absence to determine his importance and skill is foolish.

    Tom Brady is one of the top 3 qbs ever right along with John Unitas and Joe Montana.

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