Women's March: Seneca Falls – more from Lisa Wright

S&R’s Lisa Wright participated in yesterday’s Seneca Falls Women’s March and sent back a remarkable catalogue of photos. Those weren’t all she shot, though. This morning we invite you to review the rest of the set over at Lisa’s Instagram site.

Women's March on Washington - Seneca Falls, NY

Women’s March on Washington – Seneca Falls, NY

One comment

  • Glad to see men too. This is not just about women, this is about respect, compassion, integrity and so much more.
    It affects us all, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religious or cultural background.

    We are not all united sisters. Among our sisters are people I have not much in-common with. Melania Trump is not a “victim” as some women think. Give her credit for her choice. She wants this. There are many who would take her place if they could. We have to accept this.

    But we do not have to accept insulting ramble. If we continuously reply respectfully but sincerely and with dignity and facts…we can at least feel good about our own demeanor and actions.


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