One of the world’s largest football clubs has been assimilated by Nike

The new Chelsea kits are disappointing, as predicted. But the Nike marketing and branding coup is the real story.

Not long back I offered up some thoughts on the forthcoming dark years, as Nike was set to take over kit design for my beloved Chelsea FC. That has now happened, and my predictions were dead on in spots, close in a couple more, with some TBD.

The real news this morning, though, isn’t the actual uniforms (which are predictably underwhelming). No, the real issues are business related – specifically marketing. If you neither know nor care about branding, then most of this will be either be over your head or beneath your interest. If you are interested in the machinations of corporate brand identity, though, especially as it relates to the conduct of strategic partnerships, then you really need to give this story a look.

From my perspective, it’s positively hair-raising. And I don’t even have hair.

Hop on over to Rocky Mountain Blues for the down-low…

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