Patriots give Trump Super Bowl ring

Sideshow Don not only got a jersey, he got bling.

Patriots give President Donald Trump his own Super Bowl LI ring

BOSTON — President Donald Trump has a Super Bowl championship ring — just like Vladimir Putin.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave Trump the diamond-encrusted ring. The sitting president usually receives gifts from sports teams during celebratory White House visits — a personalized jersey is standard — but Kraft gave Trump a ring as well, Patriots spokesman Stacey James said Tuesday.

Kraft decided after the team’s April visit to have a ring made for Trump so he would have something special to display in his presidential library, the team said. The rings were distributed to Patriots players and staff in June; it was not clear when Trump got his.

Trinity College Library, Dublin

Trinity College Library, Dublin

Three things.

First: this tells us nothing about the Patriots we didn’t already know.

Second: wait – library? That’s going to have, what, 10,000 copies of Art of the Deal, that fake Time cover and a few hundred gold-framed portraits of the man himself?

This is gonna make the George Dubya Bush Liberry look like Trinity Freaking College.

Third: at an upcoming event Trump will talk about how he threw the winning touchdown pass.

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