Nebraska fires AD; somewhere Frank Solich is laughing his ass off

Because 10 wins isn’t good enough.

As a committed Husker Hater, I can’t stop laughing over this:

Nebraska fired athletic director Shawn Eichorst on Thursday, calling for a higher level of competitiveness five days after the Cornhuskers football team lost to Northern Illinois.

University chancellor Ronnie Green, who did not hire Eichorst, said in a statement that while Eichorst made positive contributions to the school, his “efforts have not translated into on-field performance.”

I always enjoy it when Nebraska loses. I mean, this was one of my favorite sports moments ever:

Husker_Child Crying

I know, I know. I’m a terrible person.

To the point, though. What makes NU’s ongoing futility so entertaining is how they got here. Remember Frank Solich? He was their football coach from 1998-2003, and during that time his teams won 58 games (four of them over my Buffs). After that last season they ran him off, though. He’d only won nine and by jiminy that wasn’t good enough for a legendary program like Nebraska. (That team won its bowl game, giving them a final record of 10-3.)

I think a lot of us Colorado fans were just fine seeing the back side of Frank Solich.

Since that decision, the Huskers have played 13 seasons (not counting this one) under three different coaches. During that span they have managed 10 wins only four times.

To review, then:

  • With Solich: Four 10-win seasons out of six (66%)
  • Since Solich: Four 10-win seasons out of 13 – and this year ain’t looking good (30%)
  • With Solich: 9.6 wins per year
  • Since Solich: 8.3 wins per year

Any questions?

Here’s hoping the legacy of stupid continues. Until the end of time.

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