Profiles in Courage: The Week in Snark, 2/24/18

The Week in Snark

Going to try something, inspired by S&R co-founder Mike Sheehan’s late great Nota Bene feature.

Cadet Bonepurs

Trump: Florida school officer “didn’t have the courage.” And if there’s anything Cadet Bonespurs knows about, it’s courage.

Mike Pence won’t be alone in a room with a woman. Because if he was he’d grab ’em by the pussy. Or … something else…

Scientists have created human-sheep hybrids. There’s a Ryan Giggs joke in here somewhere. #ManUre #sheepshagger

Billy Graham had his flaws. But he was better than his idiot boy. I know, that’s kind of a low bar.

Rae Carruth apologizes for death of pregnant girlfriend, seeks custody of 18-year-old son. Guessing this is something of a long shot.

McDonald’s plays ‘hide the cheeseburger’ in new Happy Meal health push. How much more entertaining could this have been if it were Wienerschnitzel….

Finally, I might live forever.

Y’all be sweet, now.

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