Golf Report: Old white guy calls 911 because black women aren’t playing fast enough

Coulda asked to play through. Just saying.

Did you see this bullshit?

Man who called police on black golfers: No weapons involved “other than her mouth”

YORK, Pa. — A man who called police on a group of black women golfers accused of playing too slowly at a Pennsylvania golf club denied to dispatchers that he was acting out of racism. Grandview Golf Club in York issued an apology following the April 21 incident. The women were club members and have described the experience, which began at the second hole, as demeaning and discriminatory.

In one of two recordings of 911 calls to police posted by the York Daily Record, the caller says the group was “holding everybody up” and one of the women accused the golf club of racism.

The caller told a dispatcher, “We have a tough situation here with a group of golfers that decides they don’t want to abide by the rules.”

Asked if the gofers had any weapons, Chronister said: “It’s even worse than that, but anyway I can’t …”

He then said no weapons were involved “other than her mouth.”

Steve Chronister

Steve Chronister

Let me begin with a few caveats. I don’t know how slowly the women were playing. I don’t know if the guy is racist. I don’t know what the woman said or if her tongue is weapons grade.

All I got is this: Y’all motherfuckers called 911 for slow play?!


Back when I was golfing if somebody was playing slow you might do one or more of the following:

  1. Go ask them to pick it up.
  2. Ask if you could play through.
  3. Drive the ball onto the green while they were on it. (Okay, I had to have somebody else do this, because my chances of hitting the green were no better than 50/50 if I was standing on it. But I digress.)
  4. Walk up to the pro shop and ask them to deal with it. (Or maybe wait for the beer cart and have them radio it in.)

Know what we never did? Call the motherfucking police!

Is this guy racist? I expect we’ll find out.

Is he a moron who needs to be arrested for wasting the police’s time?

I think we all know the answer to that one, don’t we?

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