If Woody Guthrie Were Still Alive…

…Matthew Grimm’s Dumpster-Fire Days would be his favorite album of the last decade.

My favorite lines from each song:

Salt of the Earth

We gathered in the square to watch Black men hang like a Friday night football game
We’ll greenlight genocide long as some charlatan tells us it’s in Jesus’ name

Tommy Keene Is Playing Kiki’s House

Corporations, Christians, contras, all fronts in one never-ending war
We raged at the sacred and austere, revenge for childhoods lived in fear


Venture unto roads less traveled, unless you’re in the South
Twelve amazing places you must see before you die, just go back in time and be born with a trust fund

Matthew_GrimmBe Saffiyah Khan

Charlatans sell pride like crack and the only ones who think it’s true
Are the dimwit, noseled Nazi bullies Saffiyah stepped up to

Stay the Fuck Home, Becky

If this were a movie not real life
You’d be the character everyone hopes will die

Reply Guy (The Dick Nextdoor)

He’s pro-life, pro-gun, AllLivesMatter, all equal in Jesus’ eyes
But he’s got a pretty long and well-researched list of people who deserve to die

Nazis Agree With You

You and I travel to the beat of a different drum
I say stomp all Nazi scum


The congressman sends thoughts and prayers but sticks to his guns
Sleeps safe atop his hill of laundered campaign funds

Friney’s Song

Every ounce of love you poured for everyone in good and bad times
flows back to you a millionfold like a tidal wave
You will ever light the darkest night with just the sparkle in your eyes

So Long, Good Luck and Fuck You

If your god can’t convince you to love your damn neighbors and you’re as good as the deeds you do
Then any words we might share would be goddamn pointless, so so long, good luck and fuck you


We march for those who marched before us that our song might shatter thrones
Ever forward because we’re not going back

The Whirlwind

We’re the machine that kills fascists, as American as you
And you’ll go the way that all the tinpot despots always do

I’ll shut up now because every second you spend reading what I have to say about Matt Grimm is a second better spent listening to what he has to say about Trump’s America.

Click to play. Also: GrimmReality.net | Lyrics


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