11.4.2020: American Democracy To-Do List


Short term:

  • get rid of electoral college
  • fix Senate
    • four-year terms
    • eliminate filibuster
    • lay groundwork to eliminate it entirely (see below)
  • eliminate gerrymandering – require that Congressional representation mirror popular vote
  • eliminate superdelegates
  • eliminate presidential veto and restrict executive orders
  • make election day a national holiday
  • all state and federal elections to be 100% publicly funded
  • eliminate all bribery lobbying
  • fix Supreme Court
    • explicitly limit de facto legislative powers of Supreme Court
    • expand number of justices to reflect growth in population
    • limit terms to ten years, subject to reappointment
  • make voter suppression a federal crime punishable by no less than five years*


That will get us started. Did I leave anything out?


*Preferably in the general population of a supermax.

One comment

  • The idea of the 6-year term for Senators is you have one third up for election every two years. Would you have half every two years, or the whole body up every four?

    I don’t know that I would end veto, but I would certainly be in favor of restricting executive orders.

    Instead of getting rid of electoral college, how about each state splitting them instead of winner-take-all?

    I absolutely agree we need more than two parties. People have to stop thinking that a 3rd party vote is a wasted vote.

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