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Buchanan, Kristol, Hannity and those ungrateful negroes: a banner month in race relations


I guess there’s probably nothing Earth-shattering about revelations that FOX News “journalist” Sean Hannity was BFFs with a white supremacist. I mean, even if you don’t expect it, it’s not the sort of information that’s going to turn your whole worldview upside-down, you know?

But the latest screed from Pat Buchanan almost buckles the knees. We don’t exactly look to Pat for enlightened thinking on race or, well, on anything. But even by his standards these March 21 comments are barely to be believed. Read more

All I want for Christmas is for Democrats to stop making Ron Paul look good

Hey, what’s that in our stocking? It’s Ron Paul! Oh joy – we got The Truth® for Christmas!

Ahem. So those of you who thought Ron Paul was going to go away once the big boys got serious have probably been surprised by his staying power so far. He’s polling in the high single digits (something Ronald Reagan Fred Thompson can’t say) and one pollster thinks his actual numbers are in the double digits. He says he’s raised $19M this quarter. His supporters are insane courageously enthusiastic, and he seems to be showing strength among some groups that you wouldn’t expect – progressives, younger voters, etc.

And of course, he’s left the rest of the pack for dead in the highly scientific S&R reader poll, where at the moment of this writing he has over twice as many votes as the rest of the GOP candidates put together (unless you count “other”).

Election watchers in both parties are trying to better understand Paul’s appeal and what it means for their candidates’ chances. Read more

Why I Voted for Pat Buchanan

It’s Tuesday, March 5, and I just returned from the polls, where I cast my ballot for Pat Buchanan. Let’s set the record straight: I’m an independent who affiliated with the Republican party for the express purpose of voting in this GOP presidential primary. Tomorrow, it’s back to being an independent. More importantly, I feel about Pat Buchanan like I feel about, say, herpes. I have nothing to say about the man that hasn’t been said before, and with more venom.

So what, in the name of all things progressive, would possess a free-thinking type like myself to vote for a man who represents, better than anybody this side of David Duke, all things evil in the world? Do I hate Bob Dole that much? Read more