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TunesDay: Name those bands – and the winner is….

bandssamlovesThe results of last week’s Name Those Bands contest are in. In first place we have … a disqualification, sorta. Our friend Ubertramp logged in with an impressive 47 of 53. Seriously, that’s pretty damned good. But he has disqualified himself because I’m the one who turned him onto most of these outstanding artists and he felt like he might as well be cheating under the circumstances.

Wow – sportsmanship. What a concept.

So our next highest scorer, and the official winner, is … Read more

TuneSunday Video Roundup: The Killers and M83 live in Denver

We went to see The Killers at DU last night. A few stray thoughts, in no particular order of importance.

1: There are air raid shelters with better acoustics than Magness Arena. I’m guessing it makes for a suitably noisy hockey barn, but let’s just say that it’s sub-optimal for a concert. Still, the crew managed to make the band sound pretty darned good, all things considered. So a tip of the hat to the sound guys.

2: M83, the opening band, is good. Really good. Read more

TunesDay: The Lost Patrol’s epic retro-futurism

Here’s how the blurb at CD Baby puts it:

Cinematic ethereal, spaghetti western flavored retro-futuristic music with powerful female vocals. // A sweeping, cinematic, wide-screen journey that combines ethereal sound scapes with surf-tinged guitar. Perfect for those late night rides across the desert with the top down.

Uniquely original retro-futurism.

Yeah, that’s fair. But there’s a lot more to say about The Lost Patrol and their new CD, Midnight Matinee, which has quickly vaulted onto my list of likely 2008 platinum awards. Read more

Satuday Video Roundup: Chicks That Rock, part deux

Three weeks ago we devoted Saturday Video Roundup to “Chicks That Rock.” Then we did an edition on some of the top male artists of 2007. My wife wanted to know why I included a number of male vids but only three from female artists. Good point, that. So today, here are some more Chicks That Rock v.2007.

We begin with one of my favorites, Sarah Nixey. She used to be in Black Box Recorder with the estimable Luke Haines, and this year she released her first solo disc.

Read more

The Best CDs of 2002

As I seem to note every year about this time, my “Best of” lists tend to suggest their own themes, and 2k2, despite some truly outstanding efforts from the US, UK, and the Commonwealth of Canadia, was clearly the year of the Swedish Invasion. Three bands from the Kingdom of Sverige – The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Kent, and The Hellacopters – cracked the Pit’s top ten this year, and if I’d ever gotten around to picking up the latest from Skelleftea’s own Wannadies, I wonder if there might not have been four.

All of which raises an obvious question – how is it that a nation famous mostly for eight-month winters, a nonexistent bikini team, and Peter Forsberg is able to take our popular music forms and produce better stuff than our own artists? Hmmph. Well, I could probably go on for days there, but I shan’t. Let’s just leave it at this: Sweden is lately home to a spectacular popular music culture, and in 2002 our Nordic brethren really showed us how it’s done.

As always, I bought about a tenth of what I wish I had been able to afford, and apologize profusely to all the worthy bands who might have been mentioned here had I only time enough and a budget.

1: Space Team Electra – Intergalactic Torch Song Read more

The Best CDs of 1998

1998 was probably the oddest in the several years I have been doing a Top 10 list. For starters, a lot of the best stuff I heard came from new or relatively new artists. A lot of the more established artists I admire didn’t release anything in 1998, so that’s probably part of the reason, but I also suspect I’m reacting to a music landscape that’s shifting beneath us. We’ve been waiting for the Next Big Thing for a while now, and as we wait mainline sounds grow increasing stale.

The Next Big Thing hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m starting to hear a number of Next Medium-Sized Things that are really excellent, and while the genres vary widely – from Trance to Trip-Hop to Dreampop – what it all seems to have in common is a broad rethinking of the structure and convention of popular sound. (Yes, I know – a lot of this has been around for a while. But I’ve never worried a lot about being on the avant garde cutting edge – I prefer to let things grow a bit and then catch them right about the time they set their sights on a larger audience.)

Not everything on this year’s list is new and innovative, but if you could drag yourself away from the wasteland that AlternHit Radio has become – and it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? – 1998 was a pretty good year.

So here’s my Top 10, and a few worthy honorable mentions. Same rules this year as last year – the list may contain discs released in 1997 that for one reason or another didn’t hit my radar screen until this year.

1: Space Team Electra – The Vortex Flower Read more