TunesDay: Name those bands – and the winner is….

bandssamlovesThe results of last week’s Name Those Bands contest are in. In first place we have … a disqualification, sorta. Our friend Ubertramp logged in with an impressive 47 of 53. Seriously, that’s pretty damned good. But he has disqualified himself because I’m the one who turned him onto most of these outstanding artists and he felt like he might as well be cheating under the circumstances.

Wow – sportsmanship. What a concept.

So our next highest scorer, and the official winner, is … Seth Michalak of sun-drenched Savannah, GA. Seth correctly identified 39 of the artists, and will be receiving a copy of Lee Camp’s latest DVD, Live at Comix, as soon as he gets me his mailing address. Congrats, Seth. Glad you won something, because Terrell Owens is going to rip the guts out of your beloved Bills this season.

Other top scorers included:

  • Ryan
  • Mike Smith
  • Jeff Shelton
  • Jeff Lindquist
  • Chris Merrell
  • Giuseppe

A special honorable mention is due to Giuseppe, by the way – he’s Italian, which puts him at something of a disadvantage since pretty much none of these acts hails from Southern Europe.

Now, you’re probably wondering about the correct answers. First, you can open a pdf of the montage with all the artists numbered here. With that in hand, the correct answers are:

  1. Space Team Electra / Myshel Prasad
  2. U2
  3. The Police
  4. Pink Floyd
  5. Catherine Wheel
  6. Lush
  7. REM
  8. Marillion / Fish
  9. David Bowie
  10. The Killers
  11. Fiction 8
  12. The Beach Boys
  13. The Birthday Massacre
  14. Queen
  15. Jeffrey Dean Foster
  16. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
  17. VAST / Jon Crosby
  18. Don Dixon
  19. Lewis Taylor
  20. Bob Mould
  21. Fountains of Wayne
  22. Goldfrapp
  23. The Beatles
  24. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
  25. Jets Overhead
  26. Elvis Costello
  27. Graham Parker
  28. Rick Springfield
  29. Elton John
  30. Van Morrison
  31. Superdrag
  32. Eels / E / Mark Everett
  33. Verve
  34. Luke Haines
  35. Peter Gabriel
  36. Amy Winehouse
  37. Damon Albarn (will accept Blur, Gorillaz and The Good, the Bad & the Queen)
  38. Nine Inch Nails / Trent Reznor
  39. Nirvana
  40. The Dixie Chicks
  41. The Ramones
  42. Duffy
  43. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  44. Warren Zevon
  45. Johnny Clegg & Savuka
  46. The Rolling Stones
  47. The Cars
  48. Led Zeppelin
  49. Switchblade Symphony
  50. Sam Cooke
  51. Imogen Heap (would accept Frou Frou)
  52. Green Day
  53. Garbage

Obviously some of these were easy and others were pretty tough. I was amazed at how many of you pegged Jeffrey Dean Foster, though, considering his general lack of deserved popular acclaim. Those who know me couldn’t help getting Foster, but even those who don’t know me correctly identified his soulful countenance. I was equally surprised that so few of you got Damon Albarn (the guy in the top hat that a couple of you thought was Bing Crosby). He’s one of our absolute greatest talents alive and I’d have expected more people to recognize him.

In any case, this was fun. Let’s do it again sometime.


  • I can’t believe I didn’t get Albarn, either. And I even LOOKED for them. Ditto with Imogen Heap and Luke Haines. Bah! And I still don’t believe #1 is Myshel. She’s way hawter in person. 🙂 Didn’t have a clue about Verve, though. Anyway, gratz Seth! Woot!

    Now, off to smack the hell out of my friends who think Allison Goldfrapp looks like Madonna.

  • Yeah, that Madonna/Goldfrapp thing … Those are people who CLEARLY don’t know me… 🙂

  • I was about to say something witty about you, high school, and Like a Virgin, but since I DO know you (and even worse, you know me), I figured that would come back to haunt me big time. So maybe not.

  • Sweet! I haven’t won anything in a while, and God knows my bracket blew up last weekend, so I will enjoy this one. As for TO, I’m taking a wait and see attitude. I like the idea that he gives Buffalo national relevance again – hell, they’re on MNF week 1. I also like the potential upside he provides to the Buffalo offense. But best of all, I don’t fear the implosion. Worst case scenario is that TO leaves Buffalo along with Jauron at the end of another mediocre season. I don’t fear the drama.

    Anyways, isn’t there some old saying about glass houses, stones, Cutler and McDaniels?

  • Wow. Seth sure sounds like a sore winner! Nice win, btw!

    Maybe Buffalo would be willing to trade a good center or fullback to Cincy for Ocho Cinco. Hey, why not? In for a penny, in for a pound.

  • Certainly not a sore winner – that’s just my Buffalo defensive mentality kicking in. As for your suggestion, I think between TO and recidivist Marshawn Lynch, the Bills are already in for a pound. Besides, your qualifier of “good” center or fullback immediately precludes the Bills from making that deal. 🙂

  • “Terrell Owens is going to rip the guts out of your beloved Bills this season.”

    Last I checked Cutler has already started more drama this off season than T.O.

  • Bleh. Dr. Sammy’s post has been hijacked. Apologies.

    As a (dreaded) middle-manager and Broncos hater, I have to point out that the Broncos’ true villain is not Luke Skywalker … err Jay Cutler, but rather Pat Bolan. Seriously, what dumbass hires his coach before his general manager? Why has this not been made an issue in the Denver media? You’d have thought the recent demise of the Rocky Mountain News would have made the writers at the Denver Post a bit sharper. Seriously, that’s Bengals-quality stupid. Oh, you mean the Bengals owner hired a good coach without hiring a general manager? Oh, he thinks he’s sharp enough to Al Davis it? Err … I mean “run the franchise”? Wow, and how well has that worked out for either of them over the past few years?

    Common sense: if you’re on top, you hire your immediate subordinate; give him some basic marching orders, enough rope to hang himself, and then sit back. Hierarchy is what it is and, for better or worse, it works. People do amazing things when their paychecks are on the line. It’s one of the few ways that capitalist systems tend to work of late.

    All of that said, the Bengals have 14 draft picks this year. Teams willing to trade a quality center, fullback, or pass rusher are encouraged to inquire within. If we get all three, hold onto your butts. But then, the Bengals always seem to be about three positions shy of mediocrity. :/

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