Iraq: what does GOP know that Dems don’t?

Every once in a while stray facts and rumors collide in a way that causes my antennae to twitch. Sometimes it’s nothing, but sometimes it’s not. In any case, I like to get it out there to see if anybody can flesh it out or explain why I’m just being paranoid. Such a case buzzed around this morning.

  • Item: A number of Republican legislators appear to be abandoning Bush on Iraq. It remains to be seen exactly what these changes of heart amount to in terms of votes, but there’s certainly some agitation for change, especially among those who have to face the voters in 2008.
  • Item: Karl Rove says “Iraq may not be a big issue in the next election because, he hopes, troops will be coming home by then.” “Hopes” is an interesting word coming from a guy who’s in such a great position to translate his hopes into reality, don’t you think?
  • Item: Americans aren’t happy about Iraq and their displeasure at the Democrats’ failure to get us out is growing (at least that’s the logical conclusion to draw from these numbers). They put the Dems in charge of both houses primarily on that one issue. But so far the Dems haven’t gotten us out of Iraq and frankly don’t look like they have a plan to get us moving in that direction.
  • Item: On the contrary – Harry Reid says we’re staying! In a press conference this morning Reid said: “Feingold/Reid called for American troops to remain in Iraq to do counter-terrorsim…to protect our assets in Iraq. To train the Iraqis. There are estimates that that would still leave tens of thousands of troops to stay in Iraq. No one is calling for precipitous withdrawal in Iraq. No one…” (Video here.)

So Karl isn’t worried, GOPpers are bailing on Bush, Reid is scouting vacation properties in Baghdad, and the Dems are coming off as do-nothings.

All kinds of questions flit through my mind. Things like:

  • So, who’s talking here? Karl Rove, Dubya’s Boy, or Karl Rove, evil minion of [insert GOP hopeful here]?
  • Why would he say this out loud?
  • If Reid doesn’t think the troops are coming home why would Rove?

Here’s my nightmare scenario.

  • America hates war.
  • America elects Dems to end war.
  • Dems don’t end war.
  • But thanks to the keen insight of a core group of Republican visionaries like Pete Domenici, the GOP brings the boys home!

Republicans sweep back into power as the only party that can get things done. Hell, they got more done than the Democrats when the Dems had the majority, right?

I’m sure there are all kinds of problems with this scenario, but where Karl Rove is concerned a little paranoia is perhaps justified….


Sheehan Threatens to Run Against PelosiBy ANGELA K. BROWN
The Associated Press
Monday, July 9, 2007; 4:01 AM

CRAWFORD, Texas — Cindy Sheehan, the slain soldier’s mother whose attacks on President Bush made her a darling of the anti-war movement, has a new target: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sheehan, who announced in late May that she was departing the peace movement, said she decided to run against Pelosi unless the congresswoman moves to oust Bush in the next two weeks.

“Impeach Cheney” vid is #1 at YouTube:

And watch here as Michael Moore rips Wolf Blitzer’s balls off on national TV.

Finally, George Bush offers a lucid explanation of why he clemencerated Scooter Libby.


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