Saturday Video Roundup: spotlight on advertising

There’s so much badvertising in the world, so today on the Saturday Video Roundup we’re going to spend some time with some good (or at least entertaining) ads we’ve come across recently.

Let’s start with the coolest gorilla in the world.

Next, a couple spots from a new SONY Bravia campaign that do a fabulous job of communicating the core concept of the product. First, it’s raining color:

Next, The Stones were probably seeing that very rabbit when they wrote the song.

In this spot, Sprite Zero reminds us that friends can be a mixed blessing.

Finally, and maybe it’s just me, but here’s a 36-Hour Cialis ad that I think really goes too far.

That’s all, folks. And please, show your support for the ad industry, the last bastion of genuine creativity in our culture, by going out and buying something. Whether you can afford it or not.

Credits: Thx to Cody Barstow for tipping us on the Cadbury and SONY ads. Thx to Mike Pecaut for the Cialis ad. And my apologies, because I can’t remember who sent along the Sprite Zero ad. Drop me a reminder, please…

Now playing: Spoon – “The Underdog”


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