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This is not about Tiger Woods. It’s about Billy Payne. And Augusta National. And sexism. And racism.

You may have caught the story last week. Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne stomped the balls off Tiger Woods for … well, if you need to be told what for, then you probably don’t know who Tiger Woods is in the first place. Or Billy Payne. And you probably don’t know what the Master’s is, or where Augusta is, and you may not even have heard of “golf.” So you can safely skip ahead to the next article.

Are Billy’s remarks about Tiger true? Maybe. Probably. Are they in-bounds, given what Augusta is? Sure – why not? Read more

An open letter to Steven Milloy

Earlier today I posted an extended analysis of the reporting, good and bad, surrounding the recent California Department of Public Health study on thimerosal and autism rates.

But then I got to wondering. What would a cynical, bought-up corporatist whore of an environmental holocaust denier who’d sell his own mother for a nickel’s profit think about the study? I know – let’s ask Steven Milloy!

The vaccine preservative Thimerosal is not linked with autism, a new study reports.

This is factually incorrect, as I explain in my earlier article. But go on. Read more