TunesDay: S&Recommends Lucky Soul (and a few others)

A guy on one of my music lists posted a question this morning: what’s everybody digging from eMusic these days? Wow – it’s like he knew it was TunesDay and wanted to set me up for another round of S&Recommends, huh?

Well, I don’t need a lot of prodding, so here you go. I’ve mentioned a couple of these before, I know, but great music is the sort of thing it’s okay to harp on…

  • The Gaslight Anthem: The ’59 Sound – Here are some Jersey boys who have listened to Springsteen. And, I’m guessing maybe Marah. And The Killers, and possibly even a touch of Tommy Conwell?
  • Lucky Soul: The Great Unwanted – Up the same neo-R&B/60s girl group alley as Duffy, Sharon Jones/Dap Kings and Amy Winehouse, but more purely on the Dusty Springfield side. Really great – I like it better than Duffy, I think.
  • Rob Dickinson: Fresh Wine for the Horses – Former Catherine Wheel front man’s fantabulous solo effort. An early candidate for CD of the Year – this is a generally great record with two or three epic moments.
  • Don DIxon & the Jump Rabbits: The Nu-Look – Don has been playing live with Jamie Hoover and Jim Brock for years, but this is the first time they’ve gone into the studio as a recording power trio. Really, really good stuff.
  • The Del-Bombers: Rescue Records Volume 2 – Manages to recall some of those great ’80s bands with “Del” in their names, but without sounding self-consciously retro. Honest, straight-on rock from people who know how to write a tune.

As we’ve noted before, S&R is an eMusic affiliate. If you scroll down the column to the right you’ll see that animated graphic – click on it and you’ll get 25 free downloads (and yes, it really is completely no-strings-attached). Sample free and download cheap – and in the process provide a little support for independent thinking and writing…


  • I still haven’t downloaded tunes yet but I will get round to it.

    …and I am a great fan of Lucky Soul from when you first gave them a mention.

    Thanks again.

  • I’ve downloaded a bazillion songs from emusic. Everything from trance to powerpop to classical to jazz. It just takes some time and work to find stuff cause there’s so much there.

  • I recommend listening to Tommy Conwell — it’s all over my iTunes, and lots of people are requesting his songs from me lately….

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