New government program requires testing of inspirational refrigerator magnets

Ann called it, “juxtaposting,” I believe. So this morning, when I encountered a host of inspirational refrigerator magnets in my local bookstore, it occurred to me that I might test one of the theories in the circular rack before me.

First, the theory:


Next, the test: [Warning – the following may be disturbing.]

Ah, what it must be like to have rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and puppies flying out of your ass….

Photo credit: Spur Australia


  • I was going to say … anyone who said “Life does not put things in front of you that you are unable to handle” should be instantly transported to somewhere like downtown Zimbabwe, Darfur or – indeed – northern Sri Lanka.

  • So if “Life” now a deity? Because the last time I saw that quote it was some nonsense about God not giving us more than we can handle (if only we believed). Which makes God a rather sadistic bastard when that’s thought through. Don’t believe in me? Well screw you, you’re on your own. Believe in me, well, then I, as deity and supreme knower of everything (just trust me on this), think you can handle rape/incest/death/war/famine/persecution/reality TV.

    Lara Amber

  • I was thinking about that just the other day.. how it’s the ones that have nice lives and want to feel like they “deserve it”, they are the ones that tell the down trodden to “suck it up, this is what god wants, you’re being tested!”.

    how marvelously convenient for the people that have cushy lives and don’t want to contribute to making life better for everyone, that it’s all GOD’S fault. It also makes it so that if you want to abuse others and profit from it, you can just say “this is god’s doing, not mine.. I’m just doing what god wants”.

    Why does that argument not work for rapists and child molesters, I wonder?

  • Or, you could change perspectives. What if we say “you” is plural…meaning ALL OF US. Are we, as parts of the lifeform known as humanity, incapable of handling this?

  • My God.. if this is all you’ve got to worry about then you live a blessed life!

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