Hip-hop jumps the shark

Specifically, hip-hop jumps the great white shark.

3OH!3 breaks into Top 10

Boulder-based duo hits #9 on Billboard charts

A local hip-hop duo whose members hail from Boulder have broken into the top 10 on the charts.

Boulder natives Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte make up 3OH!3, and their single “Don’t Trust Me,” this week hit No. 9 on Billboard’s “Hot 100,” up from the No. 13 spot it held last week. The single has been on the charts for 21 weeks.

Yes, folks, the genre spawned by inner city black culture has now been taken over by kids from the whitest place in America, Boulder, Colorado. Don’t get me wrong – Boulder is a beautiful city and I have nothing against white people. Some of my best friends are white. In fact, white people love me.

But Boulder? Whiter than Karl Rove’s mental picture of Heaven.

I don’t really have a dog in the fight, but if I were a person of color I might look into this. Hip-hop may have survived Eminem and Vanilla Ice, but that’s only because they didn’t know they were white. These kids, being from Boulder, (I mean, come on – Sean and Nathaniel?! Bitch, please…) have probably never actually seen a real live non-Caucasian and would wet themselves if Flavor Flav walked up to them in an Applebee’s. Just sayin’.

Word to your mother.

Thanks to JS O’Brien for tipping me off to this landmark cultural event.


  • You’re just saying all that to be politically correct, Bonesparkle. We all know what white people are really like. You know that you can’t trust a cracker: they’re lazy and thieving, always having their parents pay for shit instead of hustlin’ for it out on the street. Look at how they’re always getting handouts from the government. They expect to go to college because they’re white and expect a good job for the same reason.

    Wherever they go they put up those tacky suburbs and strip malls and turn once beautiful land into cracker ghettos.

    Send them all back to Europe where they came from, because they’re ruining America. If we don’t act soon, one of them will end up becoming President and we’ll be taken over by militant, white power types.

    Say what you will, but you know how you’d really feel if your daughter started dating a white guy.

  • You think rap just recently jumped the shark? Where have you been the last 10 years? And when I say 10, I’m being generous.

  • Seeing as how its called rap due to the first rap song being Blondie’s Rapture, explaining why she is credited with being the god-mother of rap, makes this thread rather ludicrous. Blondie being a VERY WHITE women and all.


  • I’m wondering about “Lex” here. The anti-white rhetoric is so thick that it makes me wonder if it isn’t being written by some white-as-snow neocon internet shill (possibly in the South) who’s pretending to be an angry racist non-white so he can plant seeds of doubt in the mind of people who otherwise advocate racial equality and social justice. Make no mistake, the far right will use all manner of deception in cyberspace to further their ends.

    On the other hand “Lex”, if you’re real and this is how you feel, you’re pretty damn ignorant and you really need to grow up man.

  • Umm, Steve, if you’re going to hang around here – and we certainly hope you do – you may want to acquaint yourself with the concept of “tongue-in-cheek.” Otherwise S&R is going to baffle the shit out of you on a daily basis.

  • Darrell, I was going to write the exact same thing.

  • I’m baffled on a daily basis and I don’t even have a tongue. I had it surgically removed so I don’t accidentally start rapping. I hear the swine flu makes you rap, too.

  • best first five comments on any thread i’ve read today. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • wow. i just illegally downloaded it. what a crap piece of “music”. i thought it was gonna be rap but it’s just bad singing.
    a highlight: “shush girl/shut your lips/do the helen keller/and talk with your hips.”
    — well, a lowlight actually.
    *cleans regurgitated taco bell off of keyboard before finding ‘delete’ key*
    now i’m going to listen to elvis records in reverse so i can evacuate all of the undigested bacon in my system! wooo hoooooooo!

  • wait, uh, how do i add a cute smiley to an AOL text message?

    i don’t have any spare brazil nuts. i told you.

  • wait, am i driving now? what?

    *crashes into blue steamroller*

  • oh, shit…..i’m dreaming….

    ….dammit CHANTRIX!

  • *wakes up and rubs eyes*

    why is there a taco on my keyboard?

    ……….and where are my oven mitts?

  • *lights six cigarettes*

  • I don’t think most blacks mind whites doing rap. I remember years ago when white kids started doing blues and becoming successful. Blues musicians had no problem with it. Even professed to like the music and played with them. Imitation is the sincerest, etc.

  • Rap was originally started in the late 60s.. Google “Lost Poets” young people. Old people, you might have heard of them.

    So sorry Rho.. Blondie learned about rap from Fab Five Freddy, which is why she featured him in the “Rapture” video. Blondie was in and around the early NYC rap scene and helped to bring rap to the “whiter”/wider audience. But then so did Will Smith, MC Hammer, Sir MixaLot, and many mediocre others.

    As for Asher Roth.. I agree with the taco earler, djesno. It’s not rap. It’s C-rrrrrap.

  • Tres Pretentious

    It’s interesting that most poets spend years trying to develop and “find” their own unique voice. Rappers, essentially practicing a form of poetry, do the same. Or should I say, good rappers do the same. Poseurs like that don’t; they just steal the rhythms of other groups who lack the benefits of whiteness. Also, I need to start rapping — that’s where the money is.

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