TunesDay: scary monsters

When we think about Halloween and art, we sort of automatically think of film. And why not. We have a decades-long library of movies designed to scare the pants off us. But there are some bands out there working the shadows with their music, as well. While it’s unfair to dismiss so many talented artists as Halloween acts – because talented and unconventional is cool 24/7/365 – it’s also true that during this week the veil between the mundane and arcane grows thin.

So, to help you prepare your playlist, here are some of our scary music favorites.

First, from Toronto, one of the absolute best darkpop bands in the world, The Birthday Massacre. This is their video for “Blue”:

Sadly, Switchblade Symphony has parted ways. Their music still haunts our dollhouses, though. This is “Clown”:

If you need a little rock & roll vampire fantasy in your life, let us recommend Seraphim Shock’s “After Dark”:

Finally, let’s close with a band that more of you might be familiar with – here’s “Sober,” from Tool:

One comment

  • Allow me to recommend a couple of songs by a personal favorite, Voltaire.

    “Dead Girls” is a song about a necrophiliac.

    “Ex Lover’s Lover” is scary in the same way that Hannibal Lector is – it’s a song about how much the singer wants to murder his ex lover’s lover and how he’d try to dispose of the body in various gruesome ways.

    “Brains” is told from the perspective of a brain-sucking alien meteorite as it slowly defours a town.

    Poe fans would probably get the vast majority of the references in “Graveyard Picnic.”

    “Zombie Prostitute” and “Cannibal Buffet” – I’ll just let you enjoy the deliciousness of how wrong they both are all for yourselves.

    I’ll see if I can find a video or two to go along with the song names tonight.

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