Saturday Video Roundup: Happy Birthday John Lennon! (or, Mashups delenda est…)

Today would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. In his honor, S&R is hosting a monster mashup party. Let’s get it started in here.

Item 1: Guns? Screw guns. What we need is a mandatory five-day waiting period for the purchase of any audio or video editing software. Then again, happiness is a warm gun, they say. Although this is more about hammers and polyester than powder and hot lead.

Item 2: Might as well imagine. Go ahead and imagine. Specifically, imagine a world where people have too much respect for the dead to do this.

Item 3: Okay, I admit it. This one is actually pretty cool. (Although they could have tried a little harder at syncing Freddie.)

Item 4: This one is great, too. John would have loved it, I bet.

Item 5: Hi. I’d like you to meet my friend Nelly Skynyrd.

Item 6: Suck it, bitches – you been Trent Rolled!

Item 7: Gotta say, The Who + The Doors + The Bay City Rollers would have the most bizarre supergroup ever.

Item 8: And as bad as I hate The Doors, this works, too.

Item 9: The Fabs + Ludacris + Outkast + Kelis. This is so damned postmodern.

Item 10: Paul and the Kinks pay tribute.

Item 11: Meet the Greetles!

Item the Last: Let’s let Diamond Dave and The Fabs drive us home.

We miss you, John. RIP.

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