30-Day Song Challenge, day 12: a song from a band I hate

I talk a lot about generational dynamics and have been known to criticize the collective shortcomings of the Boomers and Millennials. I’ve also allowed that my generation (X) has some failings of its own, and one of them is that our cynicism can get the best of us. In fact, sometimes it almost seems to define us. As much as I hate it, I think we’re going to go down in the history books as the Whatever Generation.

And I admit it – I have my own cynical streak, and sometimes it threatens to take over completely. Like so many of my fellow Xers, I can be quite snarky. Snark has its place, I suppose, but I detest people and artists who don’t have anything else. What does it say when I can despise you even when you’re right?

Which brings me to a band I hate. If you’re looking for a band that sums up everything that’s wrong with m-m-m-my generation, here they are, in all their sneering, self-superior, all-bitch-and-no-solutions glory.


  • This would be my chance to post a U2 video, but i won’t.

    I hate fashion conscious Pop stars. I hate bands constructed for MTV success. I hate Pop bands that pretend to be Rock. And i hate the new Rap that has no flow. Oh, i especially hate the new wave of Pop/Country bullshit.

  • My hate is simple – I fucking HATE Pink “I’m so goddam deep” Floyd. Yeah, well, most of us outgrew drugs, Roger baby. Here’s one of their less obnoxious efforts:

    • Come on, Jim. Wish You Were Here was a great record and how can you not love The Wall? They also influenced some of the greatest music that’s been made in the last 30 years, too.

      You just hate them because they won the Tournament of Rock… 🙂

  • That’s right, PF won the Tournament of Rock (TM). Much of what is wrong with rock these days can be elegantly explained by this fact. Two good albyms, a very good live one, and some of the highest levels of self-absorption ever displayed.

  • But how could I overlook The Eagles, a band that makes PF looks positively modest. Admittedly, they got less obsequious after Joe Walsh joined, but the counter-argument is that they dragged Joe Walsh down to Glenn Frey’s level. Just think–the best-selling group of the 1970s. Anyway, here’s their one good song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYkT-FrL_sU

    • I have always looked at The Eagles a little differently than most, I think. Hotel CA was an amazing record, but they kinda dropped off a cliff after that. My own sense for their highwater mark was One of These Nights.

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