Mitt Romney, Man of the People® Tour mysteriously blows an opportunity to score points with the womenfolk

We know that the Romney campaign is ramping up its attempts to lure female voters, and we were optimistic about the entertainment prospects of these efforts when, a few days, Mitt garnered the much sought-after Gene Simmons endorsement (which, now that Wilt Chamberlain is dead, is pretty much the gold standard of playa cred).

So we weren’t surprised to see Mitt on the stump wailing away at Team Obama.

Romney rebuts claims that he, GOP are anti-women
By Charles Babington
Associated Press / April 11, 2012

HARTFORD, Conn.—Presidential candidate Mitt Romney intensified his efforts Wednesday to rebut claims that he and fellow Republicans are insufficiently supportive of women, or even hostile to them.

For the second straight day, the presumptive GOP nominee campaigned at a female-owned work site, and denounced Democrats for saying his party is waging “a war on women.”

“The real war on women is being waged by the president’s failed economic policies,” Romney told a crowd packed inside Alpha Graphics, in Hartford, Conn. There, and on Tuesday at a women-owned steel fabrication plant in Delaware, Romney said President Barack Obama’s economic policies have disproportionately hurt women.

We have to admit to being a bit confused, though. We read this passage. Then we read the rest of the story. Then we went back and re-read it, looking closely for the line about “some of my best secretaries have been women. Women are the backbone of America’s kitchens and nurseries.” But it isn’t in there.

We can only assume there has been some sort of transcription or editing error. We anxiously await the forthcoming update on the story.

Read more about the continuing adventures of Mitt Romney, Man of the People®.

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