#HopeTuesday: Let's #takebackourfuture, one day at a time

Today we launch a new campaign aimed at taking back the future.

#hopetuesday #TakeBAckOurFuture #breathe

The original text for this meme was a lot longer. But when you boil it down to its essence, the message is pretty straightforward. We have become so incredibly negative that it’s eroding our ability to even consider the positive. We’re so terrified of where we are that we have ceased thinking about where we want to be.

In a world that’s 100% about problems, we have no energy left to discuss solutions. Nobody is for anything, only against.

I’m asking you – you personally – to help out. It’s really a simple thing, too. This Tuesday, and every Tuesday, set aside the rage and focus on what makes life worth living. Use your Facebook stream, your Twitter feed, your blog, your discussion groups, your email lists, your book clubs, your chats around the water cooler – wherever you engage with people you know – to talk about the world in which we want to live.
If you do it online, use one (or all) of these hashtags: #HopeTuesday #TakeBackOurFuture #breathe
If you want to create something original, that’s great. If not, share something beautiful or amazing. Share the genius and share the humorous. Share the arts and share the sciences and share the best of our popular culture. Share stories of love and hope and peace and selflessness.
Use the hashtags, and ask your friends to do the same.
All we want to do, at first, is own one day a week. All we need right now is for Tuesday to be a day of light in a week full of darkness and despair. What we’re asking is for you to make Tuesday a song in a sea of screaming.
On Tuesday, let’s find ways of feeling good about ourselves, our friends and families, our communities. Let’s be the spark that starts the fire.
Let’s all #breathe.

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