S&R’s 2017 Word of the Year: “re-accommodation”

Is it too early to name something the ______ of the Year? Heck no. Let’s call it.

You probably saw where United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz lamented the need to “re-accommodate” that uncooperative passenger.

What a word, that: “re-accommodation.” It doesn’t just apply to airlines – it’s application is nearly limitless.

Every night in bars across America bouncers re-accommodate unruly guests.

The US government re-accommodated the Japanese during WW2.

The US also re-accommodated the Native Americans. For example, they re-accommodated the Cherokees from NC to Oklahoma (although we have to come up with something better than “Trail of Tears”).

There’s some re-accommodation going on right now at Standing Rock.

We re-accommodated hundreds of thousands of Africans to the South.

Back during the Iranian revolution the Ayatollah re-accommodated American embassy staff.

Oliver Cromwell re-accommodated half of Ireland.

Slumlords don’t evict poor people, they re-accommodate them.

Donald wants to re-accommodate the Mexicans.

And of course, the Nazis re-accommodated the Jews.

Re-accommodation: it’s a happy word, it’s a versatile word, it’s a word we can feel good about.

Jesus is coming children, but United is overbooked…


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