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It’s the end of the world as we know it: Ronald Reagan to be inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame

It’s the what the fuckiest what the fuck of a very what the fucky year so far. What the fuck can possibly be next?

File this under “I” for “I couldn’t make this shit up in a million years.”

Ronald Reagan to be inducted in US Labor Hall of Honor

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Former President Ronald Reagan, a one-time Hollywood union leader who fired 11,000 air traffic controllers and crushed their union, will be inducted into the Labor Department’s Labor Hall of Honor.

Labor Hall of Fame inducts Ronald Reagan

Labor Hall of Fame to induct Ronald Reagan. No, seriously.

And no, this isn’t from The Onion.

Screen Actors Guild blah blah blah HE BUSTED THE FUCKING AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS UNION YOU PIG-RIMMING TWATWAFFLES!! It’s like if the Buggy Whip Hall of Fame inducted Henry Ford.

One presumes the Civil Rights Hall of Fame will be honoring David Duke any day now.

White man executed for killing black man

And it happened in the South, even…

Odd this isn’t bigger news, huh? Which is odd. I mean, if ever there were a man bites dog story… Maybe the press doesn’t want to fan the flames of divisiveness. Or something.

For First Time Since 1970s, White Man Executed for Racial Killings in Florida

Mark James Asay, 53, was executed Thursday for what prosecutors called the racially motivated shooting of two men in Jacksonville three decades ago.

He became the first white man to be put to death for killing a black man since the state restored capital punishment in the 1970s, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

It’s sad that we live in a society so damned twisted that somehow this feels like progress.

In any case, somebody alert the police that change is in the wind…

Patriots give Trump Super Bowl ring

Sideshow Don not only got a jersey, he got bling.

Patriots give President Donald Trump his own Super Bowl LI ring

BOSTON — President Donald Trump has a Super Bowl championship ring — just like Vladimir Putin.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave Trump the diamond-encrusted ring. The sitting president usually receives gifts from sports teams during celebratory White House visits — a personalized jersey is standard — but Kraft gave Trump a ring as well, Patriots spokesman Stacey James said Tuesday.

Kraft decided after the team’s April visit to have a ring made for Trump so he would have something special to display in his presidential library, the team said. The rings were distributed to Patriots players and staff in June; it was not clear when Trump got his.

Trinity College Library, Dublin

Trinity College Library, Dublin

Three things.

First: this tells us nothing about the Patriots we didn’t already know.

Second: wait – library? That’s going to have, what, 10,000 copies of Art of the Deal, that fake Time cover and a few hundred gold-framed portraits of the man himself?

This is gonna make the George Dubya Bush Liberry look like Trinity Freaking College.

Third: at an upcoming event Trump will talk about how he threw the winning touchdown pass.

Does the Culture Index accurately describe me? You make the call.

My friend thinks personality tests are hooey, and he’s often right. This one hit pretty close to home, though.

So a couple weeks ago back I put in online apps for a couple of jobs. A new job isn’t plan A, but I will soon know if my first two months at the current gig are reflective of what the rest of my time there will be like. There is great potential here, but if it’s going to always be the way it has been so far it’s not going to be sustainable. Period.

I got an email from one of the jobs with a survey they wanted me to take. The “Culture Index,” it’s called. You first get a screen full of adjectives – dozens of them – and they ask you to click the ones that describe you. Cool – I do so. Read more

If we were vampires: Jason Isbell’s new CD is superb – Saturday Video Roundup

Breathtaking. Heartbreaking. Life-affirming. In other words, exactly what you’d expect from one of this generation’s greatest talents. #SVR

I’ve played The Nashville Sound to death since its release. It’s beginning to feel like Jason Isbell always has another gear.

First, the new video. We don’t have long here, folks. One day you’ll be gone. One day I’ll be gone.

Read more

Washington Post finally realizes “both sides” journalism is bad

It only took them 50 years to catch up with Hunter Thompson.

Earlier Dr. Denny sent around an email. It linked toWaPo article by Margaret Sullivan entitled “This week should put the nail in the coffin for ‘both sides’ journalism.”

His comment: “She’s a little late to the party. Sam said this to me 13 years ago.”

It’s true that Denny and I talked about this way back when, and it’s true that I said things echoed here. You really owe the piece a read. She begins:

He’s the false-equivalency president.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the national news media’s misguided sense of fairness helped equate the serious flaws of Hillary Clinton with the disqualifying evils of Donald Trump.

“But her emails . . .” goes the ironic line that aptly summarizes too much of the media’s coverage of the candidates. In short: Clinton’s misuse of a private email server was inflated to keep up with Trump’s racism, sexism and unbalanced narcissism — all in the name of seeming evenhanded.

In a devastating post-election report, Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center concluded that media treatment was rife with false equivalency: “On topics relating to the candidates’ fitness for office, Clinton and Trump’s coverage was virtually identical in terms of its negative tone.”

That was a factor — one of many — that helped to put Trump in the Oval Office.

Elected with the help of false equivalency, Trump is now creating some of his own.

Read more

Welcome to Scholars & Rogues v5 – we’ve entered the #fuckitzone

New look, and maybe more attitude. We do it because we just can’t help ourselves.

Back in April, as I marked the tenth anniversary of Scholars & Rogues, I noted the phases we’ve been through, and suggested that we were emerging from a v4 characterized by increasing frustration with the political state of the nation. I said we were very likely on the the cusp of the next iteration of the site.

Welcome to v5. How fitting that it happens in the wake of Charlottesville.

Things to note:

  • Obviously the new design, a magazine format which will help us shine a light on more things from our staff. It’s built for focusing and featuring and promoting visibility, and it will allow the reader to get a greater sense of what’s going on without having to do as much scrolling and searching.
  • The design doesn’t display the entire image from our photography staff, so you’ll have to click to see the whole pic. But hey, that’s okay. Denny and Dan and Greg and Cyndi are worth the effort, and I’m trying to keep up as best I can. Also, with luck we’ll be adding a shooter or two to the mix.
  • And visually it sure is brighter. S&R has always been heavy with the black templates, taking the “rogue” part as our cue, Now we have opted for a look at’s a tad more conventional. We like it. We think it works.

What else? Oh, right: it’s hard to say if you’ll detect an attitude, but we have completely stopped caring if anyone is watching.

I observed in the aforementioned anniversary piece that we have always wanted an audience – and once upon a time, when we were an aggressively political blog primarily, we had one. But that process was sucking the life out of us and we couldn’t keep putting ourselves through the pain and frustration. Since then, we haven’t been willing to do the kinds of things large audiences are attracted to. The result is now we seem to appeal to a smaller group of very thoughtful readers – quality vs quantity, and we’re okay with that.

We’ve talked, and have decided – unanimously – to just say fuck it. We do what we do because we want to, and in the case of some of us because we can’t help ourselves. We’d do it if we had a million readers a day and we’d do it if we had 10 a week. We understand the society we’re working with here. We have no illusions.

So here we are. We hope you like the new look. We hope you’ll read and react. We hope you’ll click on the photography and art. We hope you’ll be provoked, we hope you’ll think and learn, and if you’re so inclined we hope you’ll tell your friends about this interesting, unconventional little corner of the Internet.

We’ll be carrying on one way or the other.


Hel: Abstract photography

In January 2017, the Icelandic Naming Committee ruled that parents could not name their child Hel “on the grounds that the name would cause the child significant distress and trouble as it grows up.”

STEP RIGHT UP! It’s Dr. Cho’s Magical UnSplash Elixir!

You give it to us. We make money it on it. I think the word you’re looking for is “pimp.”

Mikael Cho

Mikael Cho

The medicine show is back in town.

Meet Mikael Cho, entrepreneur, and purveyor of a whole lotta high-sounding, self-serving rhetorical wankery.

You can use his Patented® UnSplash® to Build RELATIONSHIPS®! And relationships are DISRUPTIVE®! You can work your ass off and give it away on our Platform and DISRUPT YOURSELF®!

I got an idea. Why don’t you come over here and disrupt this, Sparky.

This article is the biggest crock of fauxtopian, dreamy-eyed, kumbayah horseshit you’ll step in all day. I don’t think it’s a secret everybody likes free stuff, and high-rez, top-end photography? Why the heck not. Another thing we know is you don’t make a living giving it away.

Let’s take the article’s last graf sentence by sentence. Read more

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