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Connected TV: there’s good news and bad news

CTV is a giant leap ahead as we search for better ways of doing things that are bad for us.

Connected TVI’m doing a little project on Connected TV. CTV – aka Smart TV – is basically a TV/computer hybrid, a category of Internet-connected devices that allows viewers to stream video, listen to music, check email, access social media accounts and search movies, photos and other digital content on the Web. In other words, they can perform most any TV- or computer-based media consumption activity.

More than 60 percent of US households have already migrated their viewing to “Internet TV” devices (such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast TV) and services (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora) as well as multiple Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation consoles. According to eMarketer, “more than 164 million U.S. Internet users access video content via [C]onnected TV devices, and this number is predicted to grow up to 200 million viewers in 2019.”

Advertisers love it because it allows better targeting. As in, it integrates with all those Big Data platforms out there, like the ones used for Web advertising, so that it knows a lot about you. You. You specifically. 

If we’re looking for a silver lining in the CTV cloud, we get fewer commercials and the ones we do get are more relevant. You did an online search for shoes last week? Hey, look – shoe ads on Better Call Saul! This is great news for those of us keen to trade our privacy for convenience so we can spend more money on things we don’t really need.


We live in a Capitalist, Consumerist society that makes hypocrites of us all, don’t we? The only difference between the principled and the clueless is that the principled take years off their lives thinking about it…


Managing your privilege

Whatever power you will have begins with accepting who you are.

Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde

I was fortunate enough to see Audre Lorde speak not long before she died. There was a moment that evening that’s always stuck with me, and I think it’s relevant to what some of my friends and I are facing in our lives these days.

A young woman in the audience – maybe 20 or 21 and obviously looking to the famous activist guest of honor for validation – went off on all the injustice being perpetrated by whites against minorities. She concluded by saying she was ashamed of being white.

Lorde, if you don’t know, checked off a lot of minority boxes. Black. Woman. Lesbian. And perhaps worst of all, poet.

Her reply surprised me. She told the girl that whatever power she was ever to have in life, whatever chance she was to have of confronting the injustices of our society, it all started with acceptance of self. She couldn’t be black. She had no choice but to draw power from her whiteness and from her womanhood, so she needed to accept these things and get on with it. Read more

Golf Report: Old white guy calls 911 because black women aren’t playing fast enough

Coulda asked to play through. Just saying.

Did you see this bullshit?

Man who called police on black golfers: No weapons involved “other than her mouth”

YORK, Pa. — A man who called police on a group of black women golfers accused of playing too slowly at a Pennsylvania golf club denied to dispatchers that he was acting out of racism. Grandview Golf Club in York issued an apology following the April 21 incident. The women were club members and have described the experience, which began at the second hole, as demeaning and discriminatory.

In one of two recordings of 911 calls to police posted by the York Daily Record, the caller says the group was “holding everybody up” and one of the women accused the golf club of racism.

The caller told a dispatcher, “We have a tough situation here with a group of golfers that decides they don’t want to abide by the rules.”

Asked if the gofers had any weapons, Chronister said: “It’s even worse than that, but anyway I can’t …”

He then said no weapons were involved “other than her mouth.”

Steve Chronister

Steve Chronister

Let me begin with a few caveats. I don’t know how slowly the women were playing. I don’t know if the guy is racist. I don’t know what the woman said or if her tongue is weapons grade. Read more

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