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Photography: Greg Thow’s Colorado (part 2 – Nature)

ArtSunday at Scholars & Rogues

Last week, in part one of our series on Denver photographer Greg Thow, we saw some fantastic shots of the 5280, one of America’s most beautiful cities. Of course, stunning nature photography is a prerequisite for shutterbugs living in Colorado, and while it was his urban photos that first caught my attention, Thow has an eye for the Centennial State’s trees, mountains and skies, as well. Read more

Denver’s Old Elitch Gardens: there’s a treasure trove next door

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I now live in a development on the site of Denver’s old Elitch Gardens amusement part, which operated from 1890-1993. In addition to the really cool new urban community, there’s also some historic preservation going on, as they renovate the old theater. I’m being told that at this stage they’re doing basic infrastructural work (although I’m not even clear on the details of that part) but haven’t yet decided what to do with it. The apartment manager thinks it would be a nice yoga studio. I’d personally love to see it turned into, you know, a theater. And maybe a more general entertainment complex of some sort. I have an open mind, though. Read more

Denver Chalk Arts Festival, 2011

This year’s festival was outstanding, but I’ll begin by apologizing. If I had talent and/or a real camera I might do the artists in our annual festival justice. As it is, I’m a schlub with a smart phone camera, so please, imagine how awesome these would be live and in person. Next year we should take up a collection to fly staff photographer Lisa Wright out here to shoot the event. Start saving now, yo.

Up first, our friend (and 2010 winner of the Gusterman Silversmith’s Artistic Merit Award for Creative Excellence), Shawn Sapp.

Read more

The Scarlet NSFW

NSFWThe other day our friend MentalSwitch offered up a delightful little post entitled “Hello Nurse!” It featured a photo of an attractive model dressed as … well, hell, rather than me trying to describe the shot and failing miserably, why don’t you just click on over there and see for yourself. But before you do, please be forewarned that the photo is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!!

Ahem. Well, actually, its worksafeness (or unworksafeness thereof) became the topic of some discussion here. Initially the pic was posted without a cut, meaning that the image itself would appear on the front page of S&R. Later, after some complaint and brief deliberations, we moved it behind a cut with the dreaded “NSFW” tag, indicating that the content would most certainly get you fired if it were accidentally viewed by any decent, God-Fearing American® co-worker. And since way too many of our readers work in places where others might be looking over their shoulders, this was a practical concern. As one colleague put it – and we’ll let that colleague name himself if he wants to – “if the wrong person had walked behind me with that image up on my screen, I could have been walked out the door that day, no appeal.” Read more

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