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Jesus on the Super Bowl: “I fucking hate Kurt Warner”

I was talking to Jesus the other day and the subject of the Super Bowl came up. Oh, I know what some of you are thinking – this guy talks to Jesus? Right. But just because I play for another team now doesn’t mean I’ve shunned all my former teammates. You think Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t still talk to people in Pittsburgh?

So yeah, we talk. I’ve even applied for a couple jobs up there over the years.

Anyway, I asked Him who He was pulling for. He’s a big sports fan, obviously (“I created sports, remember?”), but tries to stay neutral. This year is a little different, though: “I’m pulling for the Steelers.” I was a little shocked, so I asked why. Read more

The Scholars & Rogues Manifesto: what are we doing here?

It has been alleged that Scholars & Rogues is not, strictly speaking, a political blog. Sure, we write about overtly political issues and devote our share of time to things like media policy, energy and the environment, business and the economy, and international dynamics. Yes, we were credentialed to cover the DNC, but we don’t really do hard, insider, by god politics. Daily Kos is a political blog. Firedoglake is a political blog. Little Green Footballs, The Agonist, Politico, The Seminal – these are real poliblogs.

S&R, on the other hand, writes about music. About literature and poetry. About art. Education. Sports. Culture and popular culture. The Ramsey case and what it tells us about the state of media. And now that the election is over, S&R is writing about politics less than ever.

So really, what is S&R? Read more

The Real Reason Soccer Isn’t Bigger in the US (and a Realistic Explanation of How That Could All Change Some Day)

You can’t even mention the World Cup these days without touching off the tired old “soccer will never be big here/why isn’t soccer bigger here” argument, which at this point is more ritual than debate. But in light of the US team’s superb run in Copa 2002, which concluded with Friday morning’s 1-0 loss (a match where the Americans actually outplayed the Germans, who were saved only by the brilliance of goaltender Oliver Kahn), maybe now is as good a time as any to cast some actual light on the whole issue of soccer/futbol in the United States.

Reality 4, Perception 2, but Perception wins anyway
First, why isn’t soccer more popular in America? Read more

Nostrasamus Prophesies the 21st Century

What kind of place will the ground upon which we now stand be come January 1, 2101?

As we turn into a new millennium I imagine many people have pondered what the coming century holds for them, their children, and their grandchildren. Will the 2000s be a time of peace, of prosperity, an age of enlightenment and human achievement?

Or will humanity succumb to its darker instincts, engulfing the planet in war, environmental disaster, and economic inequity? Read more

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